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Have a look, it take only few seconds and is worth investing. Such Scenarios may very common to you and your organization:

Scenarios Consideration
Everyone involved achieved their KPIs but organizations’ GOAL is not Achieved KPIs need be aligned with Organization vision and mission
Organization invested lot of money for transformation but People are not working in the new ways Need to consider people aspect of change
People are every skills but interpersonal relationship is not form and hence no synergy in organization, No ownership in organization Communication need to be specially design for technology people
The metrics and measurements that are defined will influence the behaviour of staff members and customers, and the culture of the organization Measurement Method and Metrics must be carefully design to avoid tension matrix.
It is important to consider every metric in terms of how it will influence behaviour, as well as how well it measures the things that are considered important.
Organizations is unable to respond quickly on customers/market demand of change Investment of Innovation (learning and growth) must be prioritize
People are highly paid but still not motivated People need to be more competent to generate.


ITIL the gold standard for Information Technology bought ITIL Practitioners guidance to reslove all such challenges and put all the ITIL practices on daily use with templates, tool and Techniques.

To develop our career we need to learn so many things, ITIL practitioner, first ever cover most of the aspect of ITIL learning growth. One training can change your Life, The way Think, communicate and bring improvements.
Check what it covers

  1. 9 guiding principles adopted and adapted from agile, devops, lean, Kaizen best practices
  2. Demonstration of How to use this nine principles in different scenario
  3. How to Apply improvement approach (CSI)
  4. How do you measure (Remember if cannot measure, you cannot control)
  5. Communication skills for technology people
  6. Be able to apply organizational change management to support continual service improvement
  7. And templates for daily use from best practices from best organizations

Click on the links below to find out more about each guiding principle.

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The phrase ‘adopt and adapt’ is often linked to the ITIL framework but what does it mean? Adopting ITIL involves committing to a service-oriented, customer-focused culture. Adapting ITIL involves striving to understand its practices, why they are recommended, and then applying critical thought to continuously adapting those practices to your organization’s circumstances, needs and goals.

The ITIL Foundation course enables IT professionals to learn the basics of IT Service Management (the what) and the business value of well-designed and delivered services (the why). Leveraging candidates’ existing ITIL knowledge, and based on a new publication – ITIL® Practitioner Guidance – the ITIL Practitioner course goes beyond the what and the why and provides practitioners a methodical way (the how) to use the ITIL guidance to improve whether by introducing new or by changing existing services or processes.

Throughout these 32 hour case study-based course participants learn about and then apply nine guiding principles to the planning and implementation of service improvements. Participants also gain a practical understanding of how three critical competencies contribute to improvement initiatives.

Course Overview:

  • The critical competencies covered are organizational change management, communication, measurement and metrics
  • ITIL Practitioner incorporates good practice from other methodologies and frameworks such as DevOps and Agile, and builds on these to bring a new perspective therefore adding value to ITSM improvement initiatives – which are not covered in the existing publications and certifications
  • Learners are equipped with a comprehensive toolkit to be used after the course


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